• Crates and pallets
    Crates and pallets
    Wooden crates and pallets to suit individual needs.
  • Pallets
    Production of pallets of different sizes and designs.
  • Timber
    High quality pine timber in raw and kiln dried quality.
  • Paneling
    Paneling production directly from the manufacturer.
  • Industrial packaging
    Industrial packaging
    Industrial packaging materials of pine and poplar.
  • Marine packaging
    Marine packaging
    Crate production, containerization, foiling, logistics.

About Us

Előre is megköszönve megtisztelő figyelmét, ezúton szeretnénk cégünket a Palett-ex Kft.-t bemutatni.

First of all I would like to thank for your honorific attention, and now present our business named: PALETT-EX Ltd.
Our company was founded in 1993, with a 100% personal capital given by three natural people. We started our activity in a rented park, but next year in 1994, we bought our present site, five kilometers    from the austro-hungarian border, in Hanságliget.
The village is located on the 86th highstreet, 15 km far from freeway and Mosonmagyaróvár.  Our site is  organised on a 1.8 hectare ground.
In the past 15 years there were many important changes like reforming, expansion, innovation and that's why  we are welcome to a 2000 square roofed workhall, a 5000 square surfaced place, a new wood dryer chamber and a new office.


Fejlesztési programunkban kiemelt szerepet kap a minőségbiztosítás, melynek eredményeként 2004. január 14-én megszereztük az ISO 9001 szabványnak megfelelő minősítést.

Quality management

Palett-ex Kft. is committed to fulfill the steadily increasing quality demand of its customers and clients by reliable business and safe technological services.

Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment


Delivery of the ordered goods to the desired location with our own trucks.


A rönkfeldolgozási technológia mellett egyre nagyobb szerepet kap a minőségi csomagolóanyagok, különféle ládák, speciális raklapok, alátétek, hőkezelt, szárított rakszerek gyártása.